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16 pregnancy boxes to absolutely give to a future mom

When a woman is pregnant, it is important that she can keep taking good care of herself. During her pregnancy, but also after the delivery actually, her mind will be occupied with a thousands details about the baby wellness. It is a time when she forgets to think about her, or at least, she just has no time for it. A pregnancy box, also called bump box, is an easy way for her to take a little break.
The good thing is that you can find plenty of monthly box to offer, with different themes: wellness, food, breastfeeding, relaxation …

The hardest part is to make a choice ;-)

Oh Baby Boxes

Oh baby boxes

Oh Baby boxes are designed to pamper and prepare the mum to be with pregnancy or postpartum products. They select 6 to 8 products, all full sized to please any pregnant woman, at any stage of her pregnancy. They strongly believe that a happy mum, will make a happy baby, and so they want to take care of her providing the pregnancy must haves. You can choose between 3 options: one, three or six month prepay. The box price is $39.99 but you’ll receive products for about $100. The Oh baby box’s team wish to help the mommies taking care of themselves as effortlessly as possible, so that they can concentrate on their kid’s wellbeing.

While applying, you’ll have to fill in information such as your size, or your baby’s sex, the due date … so that the content of the box is as personal as possible.

Oh Baby Boxes

Mom Time Delivered

Mom time Delivered

“You are a super mum” says the Mom Time Delivered website. This box addresses the mommies, the ones who are busy from 5am to bedtime taking care of their child, working, cleaning, cooking and so on. Mom time delivered wants to give the mums their own time back. All products are easy use; each month, there is a different theme, and you’ll receive 5 to 6 products in relation to this theme. It includes natural spa products, small batch artisanal goodies and hand picked gift. For this box also, you can pick different formula from 1 to 6 months.

The bestseller plan is a 3 months prepay option. As an example, last April, the theme was spring flowers. There were products such as a coconut scrub, a wellness candle, a lemon lavender shortbread … The team usually selects products from small businesses with huge passion for the goods.

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Colson & Joe

Colson and Joe pregnancy box

This is an original box, created for breastfeeding mums. They select items dedicated to this particular time in the motherhood, innovative products to enhance the special bond developed between mum and baby during their breastfeeding journey. If you are interested, you will fill in a questionnaire, an easy one, and choose a package. The cut-off date is the 5th of each month. You should not wait more than 3 weeks before receiving your first box. Colson & Joe donates boxes to mothers of NICU babies, so any new customers is a new opportunity to donate more boxes. Inside the box, you’ll find educational information, interactive exercises and support products. The products are unique, and are tried by a team of experienced mommies. Colson and Joe, for the record, are the names of the 2 founders’ babies.

They had their own experience in breastfeeding (or pumping) and wanted to help other women in this journey during 1, 6 or 12 months. A lovely story of mutual assistance.

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Mother Snacker

Box de grossesse Doctissimo

Leah, mum of Leo Emery, created Mother Snacker with one goal: encourage mothers to take a break for themselves, and remember how awesome they are. Leah strongly believes that, even a small gesture such as opening a box full of gifts, will make the moms not alone anymore. You can choose a box, and shop it now, or you can choose to receive a monthly surprise box. If you whish to offer the box, you’ll receive it at home, with a card to personalised. Inside the box, you’ll find products such as artisan coffee, decadent sweets, artisan brownies, chocolates, books, jewellery… The good part is that they source products from female-founded companies first. Mother snacker goes further, and gives at least 1% of their profits to non-profit partners focusing on helping mothers and children.

The cut-off date is the 15th of each month if you choose a monthly delivered box. You can cancel anytime.

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Mama Bird Box

Mama bird box

Mama Bird box is a monthly subscription box for pregnant women, but also for new mum. Each box is designed for them, and actually they can be offered at anytime during the pregnancy or after. Mama bird box is all about encouragement and pampering to the mommies, so you’ll find inside products, and books, cards to make everyone feel encouraged … The rule is that you have more in your box that you’ve paid, but the real interest according to the team is to discover new products. 2 sisters launched mama bird box in 2015. They believe that sisterhood is very much helpful in the pregnancy journey, and now hope that their boxes are like another sister by taking care of mommies. Boxes are available in the US and Canada too, for international destinations, it is possible also with an extra shipping cost.

You subscribe monthly or for 3 months, and you can cancel anytime you want.

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9 to nest

9 to nest pregnancy box

This box is interesting because it is entirely customised. You indicate your due date, the baby gender, the numbers of gift you wish to receive, from 3 to 6, and the box will arrive the 3rd week of the month. Also, products are made especially for 9 to nest, and generally speaking are hand made. It gives an exclusive touch to your box as you can be sure that you won’t receive something you already have. Jan, the founder, made her first box when she discovers she was going to be a grandmother for the first time. As it was going to take months before it became real, she had to do something to make the time goes faster. She started to mail baby gifts each month, and wrote a little poem to send with it. The poem is still sent nowadays in each box!

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Crunchie Mama Box

Crunchie Mama Box

Crunchie Mama Box is specialised in natural and eco-friendly products. The team select products made by work at home mums, and small businesses. The only question you have to answer is if you prefer a monthly or a 3-month subscription. Then, you’ll start to receive boxes with 4 to 6 items inside, for a value over $40. Examples of products you might receive: reusable kitchen item, skin care or other crunchy goodies to try, a snack, stone of the month along with a palo santo stick. Crunchie Mama box is an engaged business, supporting work at home and small businesses as said, but also by giving each month $1 from each box sold to make the earth a better place to live. For instance, they gave money to the “I project”, an activism through arts initiative whose mission is to make equitable societies. There is a shop on their website too, if you want to buy individual products.

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Mom + Babes Box

Mom + Babes Box

It is a story about mom’s best life, with high quality products mama and baby will love equally. The 2 founders, two friends that happened to become mum in the same time, select premium products only. Mom + babes box is delivered 4 times a year only. You can choose a box for the mum (with kid’s over 4), for the baby (less than 2) or a toddler box (children 2 to 4). Inside the box, you’ll find premium products as diverse as soap, shampoo, deodorant, probiotic supplement, cosmetic bags … If you want to offer the box, but are not fan of the subscription system, you can offer a gift card from $50 to $150. Naturally, there is a different price for the box if you subscribe or if it is a one-time purchase. Note that the products are non refundable, and that the kids products are gender neutral so you don’t need to precise if it’s a boy or a girl.

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Momma Razzi Box

Momma Razzi Box

This one is original, as it is a box to make nice pictures of your kids. It is like a personal studio in a box. It provides everything to capture your kid’s best moments, improving your photography skills. The box arrives with backgrounds, props, activities and training to get amazing images every month. There are 2 different types of boxes, the mini Momma-Razzi box and the Momma Razzi box. Prices are different from $27 to $300 regarding the options you’ll choose and the number of boxes you wish to order (month to month, 3 month prepay or 6 month prepay). Any option you pick, you just need your phone and a nice space where to shoot. As the biggest fan of you kids, it is more than normal that you want to keep pictures of them every month.

It will be good memories for the family in the future.

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Mama and Bambino Box

Mama and Bambino Box

This one is a little more expensive as it starts at $100 for a month-to-month order. You can subscribe for a year also. For that price, you’ll receive books for mom and baby, but also beauty products, baby goodies, and sometimes even something for dad actually! The founders want to be part of the family, of the “village” as they say it, which is involved in your kid’s education.

In the website, you won’t find plenty of information, but photos of the boxes and their content: you’ll see the variety of the products proposed.

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Baby Joy Box

Baby joy box

This one is more about the baby, from 0 to 24 month. You’ll tell about you infant, and the team will select best products. They pay attention on the items selected; they are parent-approved, so most of them are organic products. While subscribing, you will receive items such as toys, snacks, accessories, body care, Montessori toys … Baby Joy box gives back to the community as they donate a portion of the proceeds to an association that helps low-income children. Two sisters-in-law have created this baby gift box, they try to provide joy, money and time saving by selecting products that will please to the parents and the children.

Think of this box as a baby shower gift if it is not for yourself! You can subscribe for on month, 3, 6 or even 12 months. Free shipping is for the US only.

Discover baby Joy Box

Noobie Box

Noobie box

There are several boxes here. You can order a free pregnancy box, with samples, or subscribe for a baby gifts box, or a parent gifts box. The free box is available once a year for the same mum, the content varies. There are 9 items inside, from brands you might have heard about. The box is free, but you’ll have to pay the shipping.

The baby gifts box is different regarding you kid’s age. You can subscribe for a year (4 baby boxes), or buy the one corresponding to your baby’s age: 0 month, 4 month, 7 month or 9 month. And for the parents, there are 2 different boxes, including one to help breastfeeding.

Have a look to their website, because the brands offer coupons regularly.

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Ecocentric Mom Box

Ecocentric Mom Box

As it is clearly said in the name of this baby box, it is specialised in eco-friendly and organic products. You can expect items such as beauty, bath, pregnancy, snack, but all selected for you, based on your due date or your child’s birth date. The brands partners are small businesses, with interest in environment, non-GMO products, non-toxic …

To personalize your box, you can indicate your baby’s gender. It is a good way to discover small brands, and products that will become must haves for your family. The content of the box is suitable for kids through age two. The shipping is free for the US.

Enjoy the surprise of a monthly gifts box!

Ecocentric Mom Box

The Stork bag

The Stork bag

This one is a bag, instead of the classic boxes! It is not just a detail actually. The founder wanted it to be reusable. Inside, you’ll find also products for pregnancy. As it is a surprise bag, they do not tell what is inside. Boxes are organised by trimesters: one for your first pregnancy trimester, the second one, and the third one. It continues after, with the post partum bag. When you order one bag, or gift an expectant mother, you support small businesses, as all partners of the firm and often hardworking moms themselves.

Have a look to their shop online; you can order products separately also. There is also a blog with interesting points of view on motherhood issues.

The Stork bag

The Stork box

The Stork box

This is like a supermarket of baby gifts boxes: every price, every theme … you’ll find plenty of them including around 5 items, mostly clothes. For mums, or mom to be, you can order a hospital bag, with all you will need for this particular stay. The stork box is an Irish family brand, and the particularity is that they create their own products. Their goal is to create sustainable products so that the parents enjoy their journey of parenthood. One of the founders is a Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist; therefore they also create an advice centre written by professionals. You can find advice on your pregnancy, semester by semester, on labour, baby nutrition, or postnatal care …

No subscription here, you buy one, or more boxes. Some of them are well adapted to gift a mom-to-be during a baby shower.

The Stork box

Dollar Maxi Pad Club

Dollar Maxi Pad Club

Dollar Maxi Pad Club proposes to take care of your feminine products every month. Sometimes, you just don’t have time to go to the store, so why not trying this system? If it is not enough to convince you, they send also a “pamper me” package with a chocolate bar, a make up sponge and a facemask. There is no contract you can stop it whenever you want to. If you don’t like it, they will refund your money, so it is riskless. It works very easily; you tell if you prefer tampons, pads or cups, every month you receive what you need, when you need it. Expecting a baby? You can pause your shipment. Dollar maxi Pad is a family company; they are trying to make the women’s life easier and healthier too. This is why the choose premium products.

They also donate a percentage of their benefits to a company that tries to stop sex trafficking.

Dollar Maxi Pad Club

As you can see, there are plenty of boxes to gift yourself or a pregnant women, it is all about choosing the right one. Think of what you (she) really need, and what you are expecting. Is it something to please the mum-to-be exclusively? Is it for the whole family? Or to help the mama taking care of her baby? Regarding your aim, you’ll choose one or another box. The price is a good point to consider, and the subscription rules also. Most of the boxes designated here are created in the US, if you do not live there, think that it might have an extra shipping cost. We hope this selection will help you in choosing your box, and if you do know another one that you like, please let us know !

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